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Our Mission - Business Success For All


DesignQuery.com was founded with the intention to create fantastic artwork, pursue excellence in web design, and assist others in achieving success in business.

One way we can all achieve greater success in business is to share our web traffic with each other. After all, networking is one of the foundational concepts of the world wide web! Another foundational concept is the free exchange of ideas, information, and virtual goods (such as free digital images), for the betterment of all. ;)

At DesignQuery.com we are strong supporters of both these ideals. This is the whole reason www.free.designquery.com was started. After having received so much offered free on the web by others in the past, I sought a way to give something back.

As a web design and graphic art business, DesignQuery.com also seeks ways to increase market share for our customers, as well as for others who offer a quality website, ethical business, and value to the customer. We hope you will partner with us through advertising and reciprocal links.

Please contact us at DesignQuery.com with your information and interest, and lets get started!


Stacia Query

Founder, DesignQuery.com


--The world is a better place when we work together.

(We reserve the right not to partner with sites, individuals, or businesses that are objectionable to us. "Objectionable" includes but is not limited to: dishonesty, spamming, pornography, prejudice, criminal activity, etc. … you get the idea.)... :)

Visit designquery.com for web design and great graphics!Visit designquery.com for web design and great graphics!

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